Looking at new horizons?                Ready to move on?

If you are contemplating selling your company

The Sme Exit Coach

is here to help


4 steps to help you
sell your company

We know how selling your company

can be an emotional process.

Let us help you showcase your hard work

to show prospect buyers

the real value of your company!


The Price

Finding the right Price Tag

to sell your company

This step explores with you the delicate affair of pricing your venture.

Copy/Pasting accounting formulas from mature markets like the US or the UK does not work well in a small, new and transient market like Dubai.

The right price is a balance between your accounting, the strengths and weaknesses of your business, and your expectations.

We schedule an open-heart confidential discussion to arrive at this magic number.

Deliverable: a realistic price tag that rewards your efforts, but also gives you a genuine chance to sell.

The Teaser

The Shout Out

to potential buyers

This step explores the many ways you can find buyers for your SME.

It starts by understanding who you would ideally sell to, and leads to contemplating all the avenues available in Dubai, the UAE - or even abroad.

A Teaser to reach this targeted crowd will then be drafted, making sure it does not disrupt your on-going business by alarming customers, suppliers or even competitors. 

Deliverable: a sexy teaser, highlighting your Unique Selling Points, the price tag and only publicly available info.

The Fact Sheet

Spotting the serious buyers

At this point, some of the prospect buyers will start to show genuine interest. You will need to disclose more figures, and have the serious buyers sign a NDA. But this step is not about handing over all your trade secrets and accounting quite yet, it is a passage for your prospects to engage further.

Deliverable: we will draft a good fact sheet that allows the buyer to have a clear vision on your key figures.

The Road Map

Showing your prospects 

the potential for growth

At this stage, you are down with a few genuinely serious buyers. What does it take to convince them? Every buyer wants to do what you do...only better. So what would you have done to further grow the company if you had the time, the energy, the money? You have the best insights on what would work, and what does not. A great road map will pave the way for your buyer to get closer to break-even!

Deliverable: we will write a great road map of potential ideas that could take your company further...and make your prospect buyer dream big!


About Me

Passionate Serial Entrepreneur

My name is Gwen de Bizemont,

I have been an entrepreneur

for the past 24 years,

with 7 companies in 4 different countries.

Living in Dubai for the last 16 years, I have sold and passed on 3 of my own SMEs (Gulf Gifts, Deco Avenue, and DxBeach Swimwear), and helped some SME owners to prepare for the successful sale of their company ( Le Petit Journal, Mr.Fox, So Chic,  Arabian Spirit, LampshadesDubai )

I know how heartbreaking it can be to let go of a venture that has often been built from the ground up at the price of so many efforts. Having someone in your corner to help guide you through this process can help with emotional closure - and with the closure of a win-win deal!


Our Package

We charge 4500aed

for 4 deliverables 

Based on 4 sessions with you,

(in person or by Zoom)

I will draft for you:

The Price Tag

The Teaser

The Fact Sheet

The Road Map


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